Philadelphia native, Eric Mallon, began his musical journey at the age of 10 when his music loving parents bought him his first guitar. It was an eclectic mix of music being played in the house as he grew up and it wasn’t long before he was writing his own compositions and forming his first band with two of his high school buddies (they remain best friends to this day). From there, he’s been on the road playing and singing for 15 years.  


Throughout his time traveling on the road with a Top 40 cover band, he was writing and recording his own music which eventually led him to Nashville in 2013. Since then he’s played the Bluebird Cafe a number of times and has had over 20 cuts with artists such as Bucky Covington, Charee White, Mikayla Lane and Kalie Shorr, for whom he is currently the road bandleader.


He continues to write daily and is producing a number of up and coming artists across multiple genres. Eric sites Butch Walker and Ryan Tedder as his two main influences. 


His current list of cuts can be found HERE

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PH: 610-453-0846

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